YOGA [asana]

YOGA [asana]

I did not have a revelation o felt the call of the universe … I started doing yoga because I liked the look of a building; the Buddhist center of North London exhibited a huge banner on its main facade depicting the image of Buddha. It was a pretty picture on a rather gray street so I went in… that was thirteen years ago.

By this I mean that any reason is good to start doing yoga. It is not necessary to be the most flexible, the most focused or the most spiritual. Yoga is a discipline with many subtleties and layers, keep going and one thing will lead you to the other. You will be taken on a journey, a very joyous and fruitful journey, as long as you are not in a rush.

Namasté and bon voyage.

Carlos Alma
Yoga teacher and Butoh dancer.

balance asanas



Kakasana- Crow pose

Mayurasana-Peacock pose

Mukta Hasta Sirsasana-Free hands headstand pose

Natarajasana-Lord of the Dance pose

Sirsasana-Head stand pose

Vrishchikasana -Scorpion pose

Vrksasana variation- Tree pose



floor asanas



Chaturanga Dandasana-FourLimbed Staff Pose

Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana-One Leg Downwards Dog Pose

Halasana- the Plow pose

Janu sirsasana-Head to knee forward bend

Sarvangasana-Shoulder stand

Sarvangasana-Shoulder stand


standing asanas


Baddha Parsvakonasana – Bound Side Angle pose

Parivrtta Parsvakonasana-Revolved Side Angle Pose

Trikonasana-Triangle pose

Virabhadrasana II – Warrior 2 pose

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